Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is one of the most serious problems facing our nation today. I heard a news announcement yesterday on the radio about drug abuse. It said that about ninety percent of all crime is related to drugs in some way. It also said that about seventy five percent of drug users admitted to using drugs in the workplace. The announcement was encouraging employers to assist employees in getting treatment for their drug problems and in turn this could curb the effects of drug abuse on our country's crime rate and family unit breakdowns.

I have a friend that has a family member that has a problem with drug addiction. He overdosed a few weeks ago and she had to leave work to check on him at the hospital. They had to pump his stomach among other things. Lately she has been looking for a drug abuse rehab center to enroll him in. He has been to one before but he returned to his old problem. My friend was looking on the internet for information on different centers. She thinks it is important to find one that is well established with many years experience. She also feels that it is important that the drug abuse rehab center has experience in treating different problems, involves family members in the treatment, and incorporates both intensive outpatient and inpatient services. I just hope he gets the help that he needs wherever he goes. I'll be praying for him, and I hope you will too.

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