Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Many of you may not know, but gang violence in Macon, GA is increasing rapidly. In fact, it is probably the most violent city in Georgia. I live about 60 miles east of Macon. With the bad economy and Christmas this close, the crime rate is increasing even more. There are so many people moving to Warner Robins, GA just to escape the violence.

I always been taught that fighting is a last resort, and I still believe that today; however, this is a bad time right now. I know three people whose houses have been broken into in the past month. Last week I took a safety and security class. It was amazing to learn all the different things about gangs and the way they interact and mark themselves. It did not frighten me into a hole, but it did make me more aware of how bad things are getting and can become.

I own three guns; a 22/250, 22, and a 12 guage, but I do not own a hand gun. I always kind of wanted one. I have actually considered getting my license and buying a hand gun. Does anyone have an opinion. I mean, I may not ever use it, but It may one day save my life. I have talked to a few of my friend and cops, and they gave me mixed opinions.

Believe me, I have done my research, and I am leaning toward going ahead and buying a handgun and getting my carrying license. Honestly, knowing me, I will never use it, but I will feel safer. Besides, I have been looking at some guns and some really cool holsters, and it has gotten me siked. I know I would not carry it on my side. You guys should check out This site really has some jam up, cool stuff.

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