Friday, December 19, 2008

Aquatic Therapy

My mother has so many problems with her legs and feet. There were days when she could hardly stand, because her feet would be so swollen. She has consulted a doctor, who discovered a blood clot. After clearing the clot, he suggested Aquatic therapy. After researching this, I have decided that this is incredibly effective. It has worked miracles for my mother. Soon after the doctor suggested this therapy to her, she joined a fitness center with an indoor pool. Every morning, she goes to the gym for her aquatic therapy. You can actually see a difference if she misses a few days in a row.

If you are recovering from some kind of leg injury or surgery, you should really look in to this. There are actually pools you can buy specifically for therapy. You can look at different types of hydrotherapy pools at I can definitely tell you from experience that this therapy works. First of all, it is very low impact; so it does not hurt your feet, knees or hips. It also can be fun and relaxing. Instead of going to regular therapy, you can just take a trip to the swim spa. Swimming is also great exercise, cardio and fitness.

Aquatic therapy is actually becoming more popular. I know so many young people who view this is a type of therapy for older people, but that is a complete misconception. I have some knee problem myself, and I can tell you that this helps. If you're suffering from any type of leg or feet problems, you should research aquatic therapy.

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