Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Costumes

It is getting close to Halloween. Now I do not usually go all out for this holiday. I can remember going trick or treating maybe four times in my whole life. The characters I dressed up as were Tweety Bird, a pirate, a Reese's Cup (it is my favorite candy, the costume was pretty lame complete with a scratch and sniff sticker), and a werewolf. The company I work for is participating in the local business trick or treat festivities for the kids in the downtown area. We are going to have a table set up and give out candy. The company is encouraging us to dress up in Halloween Costumes for this event. I have been looking around for the costume that fits my more reserved personality. There are always the traditional characters that I could go as such as pirates, cowboys, vampires, firemen, policemen, or doctors. I could also go as one of the characters from the latest movie such as Batman, Joker, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, or Darth Vader. I could also just keep it simple and put on a hockey mask as Jason Voorhies from the Friday the 13th movies. Probably the costume that fits my personality best is a hillbilly. I could have a lot of fun with it while keeping it simple with some overalls, brogan boots, a piece of straw to chew on or a corn cob pipe, and wear an old wore out hat or coon skin cap.

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