Sunday, October 26, 2008

Culinary School

Do you want a career where you can find a job almost anywhere you go? Do you know what the second largest industry in the United States is? The hospitality and culinary arts industry employs more than eleven million people today and is projected to create a total of thirteen million by the year 2012. Do you love to cook? Are you a creative person? Do you perform well under pressure? Are you a well organized person? If so, then a career as a chef in the culinary industry may be the choice for you. Chefs not only cook but also plan menus, direct food preparation, and estimate food requirements and cost. They are usually hired at restaurants, resorts, hotels, bakeries, catering companies, cruise ships, and other high end hospitatility locations. Chefs usually undertake two seperate types of training on the way to their professional career. They typically spend up to four years studying the art in a culinary school. After graduating from one of these schools, the chef then usually trains under a head chef for several more years. It is during this time that they perfect their cooking skills and often times specialize in the types of foods that they will spend the rest of their career preparing. However, the first step is picking the right culinary school for you. The Culinary Schools website has information about schools in your area, the programs they offer, and what others are saying about these schools. If you are interested in this industry then take a look at this site for more information about this exciting career.

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