Friday, June 6, 2008

College teens.

The following is an article that I read from MSN. Some of you may have already read it, but I found it interesting; So here it is:

College Teens Less Likely to Have Risky Sex

American teens who attend college are less likely to have risky sex than teens who aren't in college, say researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle.

They found that teen college students were more likely to always use a condom and less likely to engage in high-risk sex than teens who weren't in college, United Press International reported.

According to the study:

23 percent of teen college students and 35 percent of non-college teens reported inconsistent condom use.
15 percent of college students and 29 percent of non-college teens engaged in casual sex.
5 percent of college students and 16 percent of non-college teens had high-risk sex, which included casual sex, inconsistent condom use, having sex with a man who had sex with other men, or having a sex partner who was HIV positive or was an intravenous drug user.
53 percent of college students and 70 percent of non-college teens engaged in sex in the previous month.

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