Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Day

OK, so I'm pretty strong in my legs; however, I'm obviously not as strong as I thought. I worked my legs yesterday, an I believe I pulled a muscle. I done all the warm-up, and then I squatted. While I was squatting, I felt something in my left hip pop, but I've had trouble with that hip ever since I went snow skiing last year--long story. Today, however, it hurts something fierce; so I've decided that, when I fully recover, I'm not going so heavy on the legs anymore. I guess for the next couple of weeks, I'll just work upper-body and cardio. The cardio will also exercise my legs.


JGal said...

u r linked with

Amy said...

popping is not good. have you asked your dr about it?

kelly said...

hope you feel better!! injuries suck :(

lovelines said...

Hmm, maybe you should check it out with a doctor. You don't want to let any injury get out of hand!