Thursday, January 8, 2009

Say Uncle...

I am going to be an uncle. My older sister is have a baby girl in only two more months. I am really excited. There are so many things that I have been thinking about. I have actually already bought a few little outfits. She is going to be so pretty in her little Georgia Bulldog cheerleader uniform.

I actually recently visited a website,, that have a cool selection of infant clothings. It is really neat. One of the coolest little outfits to me is the comic boy, or girl, outfit. If you like retro clothes, then you will love this site. Believe me, their selection of baby rompers is absolutely the coolest around. If you like comics, go with the comic boy romper I mentioned. If you a cowboy/cowgirl, they have the cutest western romper. I was raised in the country on a small farm. As I look around on this site, I can see myself as a baby and toddler in several of these outfits.

OK, back to my niece. My parents are so excited. She is going to be their first grandchild. My mother wants to retire and just keep the baby. My father acts like he could explode with excitement. While I not as excited as them, I will admit that I am excited.

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