Sunday, September 7, 2008


As I have talked about before, one of the unhealthiest things a human can deal with is stress. It can cause weight gain, weight loss, heart problems, anxiety, and that is just a few things it can cause. Probably the leading cause of stress is finances. I know sometimes finances completely consume my mind. Trust me, no mater how bad off you think that you are financially, there is always a way out. Just be patient, spend conservatively, and do not give up.

I remember when I graduated college, I found out that, during a time when I had had a MRI, I was not covered by my then insurance, BlueCross BlueShield. I called them, and they told me that I had not been paying my premium. I very quickly faxed them everyone one of the previous 6 months check stubs that I had paid them. After investigating, they called me and told me that they had mistakenly misapplied my payments, but that there was nothing they could do; so I had a high medical bill and a student loan to pay off; I didn't give up and I paid them off in a year and a half.

I saw a site and was curious. This site has a credit IQ test. I wanted to see what mine was, so I took the test. It ask questions about credit cards, making timely payments, etc. I made a 92. You should try it. It also offers advise and debt help. Just remember stress is bad and unhealthy, and you do not need to be unhealthy.

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