Saturday, July 26, 2008

Car Repair

I had to have some repair work done on my truck this week. It has been skipping for a while now. I changed the fuel filter and checked the spark plugs myself, but the engine was still missing both in idle and throughout the driving range. So, I decided to take it to an auto repair shop this week. The technician had to rebuild the distributor with a new rotor, distributor cap, pick up coil, and ignition control module. So far it is running alot better. I was feeling like I might have gotten gouged on the cost until I checked the average car repair prices for the work done at According to them, it looks like my bill was about on par or below average for the work done. is a pretty good website. You can check what the costs of repairs should be for your area. You can also see the different repair shops in your area and their ratings. There is also an expert advice section with information about your specific vehicle. So if you are having trouble with your vehicle, you might want to check out

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