Friday, October 26, 2007

17 Healthy Eating Tips...

1. Include at least 1-2 varied fresh / tinned fish meals per week.

2. Include several varied lean red meat meals per week. Vegetarians need to eat legumes and/or nuts daily.

3. Include lean poultry or pork weekly.

4. Include at least one legume meal per week e.g tofu, baked beans.

5. Include a handful of a variety of nuts/seeds several times a week.

6. Include eggs weekly.

7. Include several cups of a variety of vegetables daily. Include dark green leafy types, a variety of deep coloured vegetables across the week and garlic, onions and herbs in meals daily.

8. Use cooking methods that minimise the risk of cancer by adding herbs, spices, fruits, vinegar.

9. Include reduced fat milk products daily.

10. Have at least two different pieces of fruit daily.

11. Try to make most of your cereal serves whole grain and reduced in salt. Bread is a major source of salt in our diet.

12. It is OK to sprinkle a little iodized salt on healthy foods to improve their flavour.

13. It is OK to sprinkle a little sugar on healthy foods to improve their flavour; prefer foods with naturally occurring sugars over those high in added sugar.

14. Have plentiful fluids using water and tea.

15. Minimise 'hidden fats' by choosing lean meats, reduced fat milk products and processed foods.

16. Prefer unrefined natural fat found in nuts, seeds, fish, soy, olives and avocado (because the fat is accompanied by other desirable nutrients).

17. Reserve added fats (preferably cold pressed monounsaturated oils) for cooking to improve the palatability of vegetables, legumes & fish dishes.


Happy said...

Some ideas are really interesting. I need to try them . What can you say about these health tips? I think that if you do that regularly - you'll be in a great form.

Girendra said...

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