Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who likes to vacuum??...

I do not. In fact, there is not many house chores that I do enjoy; however, vacuuming with a Dyson is not so bad. Dyson, in my personal opinion, is by far the best cleaning system on the market. It is so easy to use the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Not only is easy to use, it is also very healthy. There are several different models from the light weight Slim to the Cyclone. Unlike most vacuums, the Dyson also helps purify the air. The Dyson is good for pet owners, allergy sufferers and it's good for all kinds of floors. They're definitely worth checking into.


Gerard Yap said...

It's pretty expensive in Singapore. Used to promote this product during the weekends

Gerard Yap said...

Hi, I would like to have a link exchange with you. Please advise.