Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 47th Edition

Welcome to the 47th edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum. We appreciate everyone's participation. We received alot of great submissions this time. We hope you enjoy the selections and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other informative posts.


Strenua presents Which strategies enhance recovery from post exercise muscle damage? posted at Strenua's World.

Lazy Man and Money presents Five Impressive Facts About Judo Martial Arts Karate Kung Fu posted at Martial Arts Karate Kung Fu.

Steve Faber presents Weight Training Routines That Will Make You Stronger and Leaner Fast posted at Belly Fat Loser.

GreedyGirl1 presents 10 Ways to push yourself to Workout and Keep Working Greedy Girls Guide posted at Greedy Girls Guide, saying, "10 Tips to get into a Workout routine and stick with it. These tips will help you enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, by forming good fitness habits."

Mick Hart presents Mick Hart Blasts Potent Mix posted at Mick, saying, "Discover the Ultimate in bodybuilding health tips, strength training techniques PLUS learning about how to do steroid cycles safely. Discover Mick Hart."

Gabe Swinney presents The Five Components of Physical Fitness posted at Ten Minute Trainer, saying, "There are many angles and goals of physical fitness. However, there are five components of fitness that create a well rounded and truly “fit” person. If you concentrate on these five aspects you will find that your overall health and wellness improves."

General Health

Emily Simmons presents posted at Be In Health Now, saying, "Whose expectations are you trying to fill? And are they keeping you from reaching your health, fitness or weight-loss goals?"

Jessica Nagel presents Cancer Prevention Series Introduction posted at Sustainable Halo.

jim Nadolny presents Guest Author ? Edward Nadolny, CCP posted at, saying, "The untold effects from delayed treatment of obstructive sleep apnea."

Wenchypoo presents This Just In: Study Names 4 Common Ways to Cut Disease posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "I added a fifth one: WASH YOUR HANDS!"

FizzSoda presents Considering Genioplasty For Your Chin - Smart Lipo posted at Smart Lipo Info.


Casey Roberts presents Basics of Proper Eating posted at Ready to Launch Fitness, saying, "A beginners guide to nutrition and proper eating, NOT DIETING!"

Allison Johanson presents 50 Best Foods to Fuel Your Workout posted at Masters In Health Care Online.

Neil Frost presents I Want To Get Lean posted at FREE Abs Training Abs Program.

Amutha presents Eat Healthy-Nutritional Label-How to Read,Analyse and Understand posted at Living The Right Life.

Sarah Wozniak presents Carbohydrate Health in an Unsalted Nutshell posted at Healthy Revelations Blog.

Weight Loss

RichPargeter presents You HAVE TO Make Mistakes To Be A Success… posted at Diet Free Weight Loss - Helping You Ditch The Diets For Good.

Jennifer Pereira, RD/LD, CSCS presents Yoga for Weight Loss posted at Yoga.

Joe E presents 5 Online Places to Get Weight Loss Support and Track Your Progress posted at Promote Health, saying, "Tracking your weight loss can greatly increase your odds of reaching your weight loss goals. Here are five resources that can help get you started..."

Adam presents Life is all about balance posted at Your One Stop For Dieting, saying, "Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork"

Keith Webb presents How to Avoid Feeling Hungry - Wo40 Blog - Weighting On 40 - Fitness for the 30-Something Crowd - and Beyond! posted at Weightingon40.

Brian presents The Easiest Way To Lose Weight: Sleep More How To Live a Longer Life posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, "Recent findings have shown that people who sleep less have higher BMIs. By sleeping more you give your self less time to indulge in worthless calories. Get some rest!"

robert galway presents Weight Loss posted at, saying, "The Atkins diet is not a new phenomenon. The diet first appeared in the late 1970s and has grown popularity in recent years in response to the low-fat diet craze. As dieters had trouble with low-fat plans, they searched for a new solution and Dr. Atkins"

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on August 29th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of weight management and fitness forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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