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Weight Management and Fitness Forum 46th Edition

Welcome to the 46th edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum. A big thanks to everyone for all their participation. We hope you enjoy these selections and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other informative posts.


Kizie presents Your first time in fitness center? Kizie blog posted at Kizie blog.

Mick Hart presents A Letter To Mick - The Over 40s Bodybuilding Machine posted at Mick, saying, "Discover the Ultimate in bodybuilding health tips, strength training techniques PLUS learning about how to do steroid cycles safely."

DeMarcus presents Jumpstart your Health & Fitness posted at Self Improvement Articles.

David J Parsons presents Getting Fit – Uncovering the Truth about Weight Loss with Statistics posted at David Parsons' Blog.

Steven Handel presents Give Your Body Time: A Jump Start, Couch Potatoes Guide To Health And Improvement posted at The Emotion Machine.

General Health

Katy presents For Your Sanity: Don’t Feed Your Obsessions Katy Meets World posted at Katy Meets World, saying, "Obsessive thoughts can overtake you and make your life a nightmare."

Barbara Williams presents The 100 Best Blogs For Pharmacy Students posted at Nursing

Aparna presents Beauty and Personality Grooming: Home Remedies for headache posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "All of us have suffered from headaches at some time or the other. No one needs to be told about the agony it can cause. They just hit you at any time with a nagging, throbbing pain in the head and spoil your day. There could be many causes for headaches. Well… let’s not go deep into that. Here are a few home remedies which you could try out when a headache hits you."

Scientific Living presents Drug Company Hypnotizes Viewers posted at Scientific Living.

PicktheBrain presents 200+ Health and Medical Accounts Worth Following on Twitter posted at Medical Future.

Smart Unemployment presents Individual Health Insurance: How To Lower Your Premiums In Three Steps posted at Smart Unemployment, saying, "3 ways to lower the cost of your health insurance premium, while maintaining the same level of coverage."


Steve Underwood presents Keeping Up The Metabolism GetFitBlog posted at GetFitBlog, saying, "I am an advocate of the basics. If you have ever looked at a picture from the 1800s, you’ll notice something striking- almost nobody is seriously overweight. They didn’t have weight loss drugs, or fancy diets. They ate lots of good whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and some meat. Why not follow that model today? With a moderate amount of exercise and a balanced diet, our bodies would largely look the way theirs did. So go ahead, enjoy some meat and potatoes. Just remember two little words: portion control. Don’t take this as licenses to pig out. Just eat sensibly.

Christina Crowe
presents Surprising Chocolate Benefits and Myths posted at Salad Sticks, saying, "Not only does chocolate taste great, it actually is quite healthy for you. There are a surprisingly good number of health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, which make it a good treat for everyone. Now with the help of some surprising studies, you have a reason to eat chocolate like never before, granting yourself a taste of that creamy dark chocolaty substance as it drips down your tongue. You can come out of hiding, chocoholics."

FitJerk presents Energy Bars & Protein Bars - Nutritious Mini-Meal Or Glorified Candy? posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "Health Bars- They're jam packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins and come in a million different flavors… BUT, are they really as “healthy” and “nutritious” as they claim to be? Find out..."

Weight Loss

Brian presents Can You Lose Weight Using Coconut Oil Instead of Olive Oil? How To Live a Longer Life posted at How To Live a Longer Life, saying, "Coconut oil is made up of more than 50 percent MCT, a fatty acid that increases fat oxidation, enhancing weight loss. For those looking to shed pounds substitute your regular cooking oil for coconut oil to give an added boost." presents 5 Great Weight Loss Motivation Tips posted at, saying, "What do you do to muster up some weight loss motivation? Especially when a new episode of House is on TV or you really would just rather eat a pizza and take a nap?"

robert galway presents Weight Loss posted at, saying, "The final phase of the Atkins diet plan is lifetime maintenance. This is the time to continue your new eating plan at a maintenance level and keep yourself at your goal weight. The habits you have created will now become a permanent way of life. During the third phase, pre-maintenance, you learned exactly how many carbohydrate grams your body can tolerate and still maintain your ideal weight. In this phase, you"

gahaha presents Losing Weight-The Safe Way posted at green weight loss.

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on August 15th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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