Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weight Management and Fitness Forum 39th Edition

Welcome to the 39th edition of the Weight Management and Fitness Forum. As always we appreciate everyone's participation which is what makes this all possible. We hope you enjoy the selections for this edition and come back to Weight Master for our next edition and other informative posts.


Maxx presents 8 Most Popular Home Fitness Equipment posted at How To Maximize Your Health And Fitness, saying, "The kind of equipment that you choose to help you get fit at
home may involve one simple machine or a range of equipment. What you choose here usually depends on what you want/need to do to get fit, how much space you have at home to store
equipment and how much you can afford to spend on equipment in the first place."

Jason Johnson presents Get Rid of Man Boobs posted at Rid Your Man Boobs Blog, saying, "Ever since I"

FitJerk presents Powerful Plyometrics Training That Will Knock Your Socks Off! posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "An effective Plyometrics routine will increase jump power, boost you aerobic performance and provide an excellent fat-burning workout"

Joe E presents Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Tips posted at Promote Health, saying, "Increasing your metabolism is an essential part of any diet and weight loss program. There are various ways to boost your metabolism, and I've come up with 10 easy ways to fire-up your fat-burning engine inside!"

EE presents Can Exercise Help With the Hair Pulling Habit? posted at Trichotillomania Blog, saying, "Exercise can help with a number of disorders and stresses in life."

Andrew Edgington presents Bodybuilding Coaches Know Nothing About Steroids posted at Mick, saying, "Get the best bodybuilding health tips and training techniques as well as about how to do steroid cycles safely."

Steve Faber presents Belly Fat Loser » Adjustable Dumbbells – A Breakthrough in Building Muscle and Losing Fat posted at Belly Fat Loser.

Tristan presents Muscle Overload posted at Body And Fitness Blog, saying, "A look into the different methods for achieving muscular fitness and stimulating increases in strength and muscle size."

Dana presents Eight Things I Hate About the Y posted at Simple Pleasures.

General Health

Asheesh presents Pregnancy Spotting - It Can Be A Warning Sign Pregnancy Advisor posted at Pregnancy Advisor, saying, "Pregnancy spotting can be a form of implantation bleeding as well as a sign of danger."

Kathleen Gaga presents Habits can work for you or against you – you decide posted at Daily Awareness, saying, "What it all boils down to is…”What is the quality of life you want?”
What are you committed to in order to achieve the dreams you have? What habits are currently holding you back from this and what habits do you need to form in order to move closer to your dreams and the quality of life you say you want."

robert galway presents Health and Physical Fitness posted at, saying, "Health and physical fitness is as much a priority as healthy emotional and cognitive development. At the end of a long day we have lots of energy to release. Health and physical fitness is highly desirable. It is a state of mind more than anything else. It really is true, if you believe you can achieve."

Jerry Navarro presents The Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamins posted at All About Family and Health.


Riayn presents Diet Versus Exercise: Why you can't outtrain a bad diet posted at Spud On The Run, saying, "This article (and accompanying video) shows what an invaluable role nutrition and diet plays in fitness and why you can't outtrain a bad diet."

Weight Loss

Pat Evans presents How Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting? posted at Lifes Instructions.

Joshua Seth presents Lose Weight or Die posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "Here’s a thought: What if being overweight were as lethal as being a smoker? What if it could literally kill you? We all know how bad smoking is for your health. It can take years off your life. We beg our loved ones not to destroy their health by smoking but think nothing of “carrying around a little extra weight” ourselves, right?"

Brad Gatewood presents Weight Lifting for Weight Loss posted at Burn Belly Fat, saying, "Weight lifting for weight loss might seem like a contradiction to most people. After all weight lifting causes you to build muscle which weighs more than fat so how can building muscle help you to lose weight? The answer is that muscle takes more calories to maintain than fat and the more muscle you have the higher you metabolism gets to maintain it."

William Messruther presents 5 Ways to Lose Weight Before Summer posted at SimpleDietReview Blog, saying, "Simple, Honest and Reliable Diet Advice. Unbiased Reviews and Discount Prices on Diet Programs."

Broderick Allen presents The Different Areas of Life Support Each Other posted at Broderick Allen - Personal Growth and Enjoying Life's Journey.

Joel Riley presents Beyonce's Lemonade Diet For Weight Loss posted at Master Cleanse Diet Blog.

Justin Bowers presents Want To Lose Your Stomach? Then Stop Doing Crunches! posted at BeFit: Fitness & Nutrition.

That concludes this edition. Look for our next edition to be posted here at Weight Master on May 2nd. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Weight Management and Fitness Forum using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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